UIFriend 2.3.0

Improve the look & feel and functionality of your desktop

UIFriend is a convenient desktop tool that includes many different functionalities to improve the way you handle your daily computer tasks. You will not only enhance your system appearance but also have direct access to many handy functions.

Advanced Quick Resolution Changing

Quick, easy and fully customizable. Changing your display settings has never been so easy.

Intelligent Desktop Icon Layout Protection

Rest easy knowing that intelligent, behind-the-scenes protection is in place to ensure that your carefully constructed icon layout is safe and sound.

Improve the Look and Feel of Your Desktop

With smoother drawing, reduced flicker and improved aesthetics, your desktop will be more inviting and warmer than ever.

Multiple User Display Setting Management

You like working with the screen resolution at 1280x960, but another user prefers 1024x768?

No problem! UIFriend's Display Setting Management feature makes arguing over display settings a thing of the past.

Enhance the Power of Your Screen Saver

Round out your screen saver's abilities with auto-restart of accidentally stopped screen savers, automatic sound muting, and the ability to start the screen saver whenever you want.



UIFriend 2.3.0